Walking the Valley of Desolation and Despair: The Role of a Life Coach in Rekindling Hope

Imagine yourself on a contemplative walk in a serene forest; then you descend into a valley. As you approach the bottom, an unusual sight greets you. On closer examination, you realize dry bones surround you.  Suddenly, a haunting sense of desolation envelops you. The air feels heavy with an eerie stillness only occasionally broken by a gust of wind that carries the whispers of a bygone era.  As you take in the awful sight, you see a stretch of a vast expanse filled with dry bones scattered and lifeless under the unforgiving sun. You stand there, puzzled; the sight invokes a profound sorrow and an unsettling emptiness as you grapple with the magnitude of loss and decay surrounding you. Yet amidst the skeletal remnants of what once thrived, a glimmer of hope lingers- a spark of potential resurrection. Your emotions oscillate between the depths of despair and the strings of anticipation, a complex blend of grief for what was lost and an ember of optimism for what could be rekindled in that desolate valley. While your emotions dangle deeper in the direction of despair, everything else in you points to the brighter side of life.  Hey! What you need at this point in your journey is a life coach.

In the same way that the valley of desolation and despair is filled with dry bones, signifying unproductivity and reeking with the smell of death, many individuals find themselves in a state of confusion, exhaustion, and stagnation.   Leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, men, and women alike may feel overwhelmed and unable to manage the complexities of life- from family issues to relationships and finances. They are in a perpetual state of crisis. They cannot chart a path for their lives or stay on course in any given direction. Their lives are out of sync with their values and aspirations. The constant pressure to excel at work while maintaining a fulfilling personal life can lead to burnout. The attempt to strike a balance often only results in heightened stress, anxiety, and a sense of being overwhelmed. Financial stress can contribute to feelings of helplessness, impacting mental well-being and overall life satisfaction.

Family relationships are another area of challenge. Issues such as breakdowns in communication, conflicts, and endless demands from relations, distant and near, contribute to emotional distress. Despite a shrinking world and the breakdown of economic and cultural barriers, many experience feelings of loneliness. Sadly, social media, good as it is, cannot meet the deepest longing for intimacy within the human heart. Economic hardship, marital challenges, career uncertainties, mental health stigma, and unrealistic societal expectations all conspire to drive individuals deeper into the valley of desolation and despair. This takes an emotional and psychological toll, resulting in anxiety, depression, self-doubt, and a perversive feeling of being overwhelmed, sometimes with fatal outcomes.

Just as the wind carries the whispers of a bygone era in the valley, individuals caught amid their struggles may feel haunted by past mistakes, failures, poor choices, and missed opportunities. However, acknowledging traumatic past experiences, failures, and missed opportunities, difficult as they may be, influences current emotions and behaviors. By recognizing these whispers from the past, people passing through the valley of dryness can gain insight into their thought patterns and learn to take control of negative patterns to build resilience. Understanding the significance of past events in the grand purposes and designs of the Author of life is a crucial step toward healing, allowing for personal growth, breaking self-limiting patterns, and fostering a stronger foundation for present well-being.

Despite the overwhelming desolation, the valley has a spark of potential resurrection. Often, the wind that carries the whispers of the bygone era passes instantly as another gentle wind blows with an invitation: “Come unto me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will you rest. Take my yoke upon you, let me teach you because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls (Matthew 11:28-29 NLT).  Tragically, many miss this invitation because the whispers of the bygone era transfix them.

The contemplative walker will benefit from guidance in the valley of dryness, desolation, and despair. That gentle voice that asks, “Can these bones live?” The two on the road to Emmaus are testimony to this (Luke 24:13-35). In the same way, people going through personal and professional challenges can find guidance and support in a Life Coach. The coach will help you gain clarity of mind and thought, find direction, and provide tools to navigate life’s complexities, align values, and achieve your loftiest dreams.

In the desolate valley, one confronts the depths of despair and the strings of anticipation. This emotional rollercoaster mirrors the journey of those struggling with challenges through the seasons of life. However, just as hope persists in the valley, the role of a life coach emerges as a beacon of guidance for individuals seeking to rise from their valleys, rekindle their spirits, and chart a course toward a brighter future. (Meditations from Ezekiel 37:1-15, Matthew 11:28-29)

Okike Offia is a Life and Leadership coach who applies biblical principles to leader and leadership development.

As I wrote this blog, a deeply saddening incident came to my attention- the loss of a once hard-working, ambitious executive who, overwhelmed by life’s challenges, took a part none of us should ever take. My heart aches, not just for him but especially for his wife and children, who now bear the weight of a haunting image etched in their minds.  Picture this: a scene of unimaginable pain, a man’s life hanging by a thread from a ceiling fan. The trauma, the anguish, and the arduous journey that now stretches before his grieving family seem insurmountable.

Friends, this is a stark reminder that our darkness need not lead us to such devastating outcomes. I urge you to understand that whatever struggles you’re going through do not warrant the sacrifice of your own precious life. Help is not just a stone’s throw away; it is a call, a conversation, and a step toward a brighter tomorrow.

In the face of despair, let’s be a beacon of hope, reach out, connect, and let those who care about you be the lifelines that pull you from the depths of despair.  Together, we can rewrite the narrative and ensure that no one feels compelled to take such a tragic step.  Your story is still unfolding, and there are brighter chapters ahead.

42 thoughts on “Walking the Valley of Desolation and Despair: The Role of a Life Coach in Rekindling Hope”

  1. *Our darkness doesn’t need to lead to devastating outcomes*

    Powerful I must say. The scenario of the valley is a typical picture of life and all the challenges capable of hindering one’s growth and by extension overwhelming.

    The blog is inspiring, I hope to read more.

    Thank you for this piece.

    1. Onwuzurumba Amaka

      Wow!!This piece is touching and mind- blowing as well. Yes there’s need for a life coach. A little word of comfort and hope can save a life. The bones shall live again..
      Let’s be our brother’s keeper.

  2. This picture is so well painted and true for most people. As an entrepreneur I can absolutely resonate with the complexities of starting an organization. Clarity, accountability, a qualified sounding board, mentoring, getting out of familiar zone, the art of thinking, creating margin etc are the value entrepreneurs can receive from life coaches like Okike. Triple O would be filling a huge gap in this part of the globe and beyond. May your impact know no boundaries.

    1. The flow is fluid; the metaphors and imageries bring words to life, and within reach; the thoughts are deep and insightful…they challenge the person to ask…to seek…to knock…

  3. This is a masterpiece and speaks eloquently and directly to what many are through in our world today. I pray that God will use to lift up the life of many who are already deep in the valley of desperation. Well done Chief Okike.

  4. Emmanuel Madugu

    A very interesting read. The vivid description from the events with the dry bones is catchy, I could imagine and picture the arena just as if I were present. The flow of thought is excellent.

  5. This is so so beautiful… this excerpt from the blog… *Understanding the significance of past events in the grand purposes and designs of the Author of life is a crucial step toward healing, allowing for personal growth, breaking self-limiting patterns, and fostering a stronger foundation for present well-being* …is certainly an invitation to be reflective; to connect to something deeper; to search and find meaning…in life.
    Kudos to Okike👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼👍🏼🥂


  6. John Charles okudu

    Thank you sir,
    For your sacrifice of time for coaching the lord Bless you sir,
    I learn that help can be communicative .

  7. The valley is a place no one ever wants to be but it’s inevitable. Having someone to talk to makes a works of difference.
    Thought provoking piece.

  8. Obinna Nkemneme

    Very instructive and insightful, I particularly found it speaking directly to me at this point in both my extended family and business life .

    Well done

  9. Barnabas Victoria

    It’s an interesting write-up and soul lifter because by reading makes one to pick interest in were he or she feels is affected and same time know that there’s a life coach who will help to solve that puzzle in your life.

  10. Barnabas Victoria

    It’s an interesting write-up and soul lifter because, by reading it makes one to pick interest in were he or she feels is affected, and same time know that there’s a life coach who will help to solve that puzzle in your life.

  11. The note at the end of the piece highlights the urgent and present need for what you are offering. Thank you for rising to this challenge. I pray God’s wisdom and strength, as you get alongside others and support them. Well done!

  12. Very insightful and providing solution for the chaos called life.
    We need an anchor that keeps the soul.
    Be blessed 🙏🏽

  13. The role that of a Life Coach in today’s world cannot be overemphasized. I have known Mr. Okike for over 3 years now. He brings to the table, depth, humility and thought provoking engagements that brings clarity to any situation. He is blessed with the ability to quickly turn situations around for better and I have an unreserved respect for his work ethics. I totally believe working with him in any life project will be one of the best decisions you will make in your life.

    Prince Ogbonna
    Moolu Venture Lab.

  14. The role of Mentors / life coaches at times like now cannot be over emphasised. Looking forward to be inspired .

  15. Inspiring, a refreshing outlook on the potential for positive change, growth and renewal in one’s journey. I eagerly anticipate future posts!

  16. Princess/Empress/Duchess Ng

    Whaoo, it’s a really fascinating blog! I strongly believe that in darkness, there will always be a light at the end. No one has absolutely control of life or death! God has it all!!🙏Thanks for shedding more light on this. I pray it inspires and helps everyone who reads it!💖

  17. Very inspiring and actually a reminder that this journey has and cannot be easy so we need to depend on only one person if we want to reach our destination, that is our God, our protector and our maker .

  18. Your inspiring article resonates deeply with the challenges many face in our world of today.
    Your words serve as a powerful reminder that perseverance can lead to triumph. Thank you Sir for sharing such motivational insights, encouraging us all to push through in the face adversity and embrace the journey. It is highly soul lifing for me.

  19. Thank you all for your encouraging comments and feedback. If you are anticipating more, look out for it every Wednesday. Let’s keep a date for tomorrow.

  20. Dorcas Daberechi kalu

    Awesome write up, honestly this is what I need to hear,read anda applied in my daily activities.
    You really did well by putting this down am overwhelmed by this trust me

  21. This story is the reality of today with lots of shattered dreams and hopelessness in nation that care less of the impact of the collapsing economy and hardship on the mental health of its citizen. Never been a time in our National history have people resorted to taking once life as an escape route. My dear friend friend and classmate Chief Offia well-done for the great work. A rescue path and breakout path to better life decision through coaching and leadership training. Kudos.

  22. Etuka Christian

    Thank you for these thought provoking words, they mean a lot to me specifically. I am most grateful. I pray God grant you more grace and insight.


    A great & insightful Write up. Am deeply touched. & i can honestly relate to this because am still down & struggling from a failed business. May God almighty continue to build our hope & strength in Jesus name.

  24. Wow! Thank you brother Okike for this beautiful masterpiece unfolding the life of a coach, it’s impact in raising laborers who having been liberated from the adversities of life, are in turn impacting others:
    Paul – Timothy – Faithful men – Others
    U gonna – Nwanne – Ura – women and young girls of various villages.
    I’m thinking of the ripples in a 40 ten window country where a gem is making impact in campus among the FOCUS families. What a blessing to be part of it.
    Thank you Lord for raising Okike for such a time like this. More grace, more strength, wisdom and insight in this call. Amen.

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