Beyond the Rhetoric and Beefs: The Real Impact of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in Nigeria

For the past eight years, I’ve dedicated myself to supporting disenfranchised and indigent girls in Nigeria, working with the GEANCO Foundation to provide scholarships and holistic support to help them achieve their dreams. Our initiative also significantly aids partner schools with donations of essential educational resources.

Many of our scholars are victims of religious insurgency in Northeast Nigeria, bearing deep psychological scars. Sadly, neither society nor our education offers adequate support for their mental health. They are expected to simply move on, but how can
they without proper help?

This is where the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to Nigeria becomes so important.

Prince Harry and Meghan have long championed mental health. Their Foundation Archewell Foundation is a partner of the Geanco Foundation. Their visit to Nigeria to kickstart our mental health summit for teenagers was a powerful move, shedding light on the mental health crisis facing young people, especially those traumatized by

Their high-profile presence brought global attention to the issue, emphasizing the critical need for mental health resources. This summit wasn’t just an event; it was a pivotal moment that highlighted the gaps and the urgent need for a robust support system of care for victims. This is what popular media and many commentators are missing.

The summit provided a vital platform for mental health experts to share strategies tailored to the unique challenges faced by Nigerian teenagers. Workshops equipped educators, parents, and teenagers with tools to handle stress, trauma, and anxiety. The involvement of the Duke and Duchess underscored the importance of integrating mental health into overall well-being.

One of the key outcomes of the summit was the launch of a long-term mental health program, that ensures continued support for affected teenagers. Prince Harry and Meghan’s dedication to this program promises sustained efforts to address and mitigate the psychological impact of trauma on young people.

Their visit also highlighted the power of empathy and solidarity. By connecting with the teenagers, listening to their stories, and sharing their own experiences with mental health challenges, Prince Harry and Meghan provided hope and validation. They reinforced that mental health struggles are universal and that seeking help is a sign of strength.

Finally, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s involvement in the mental health summit for teenagers in Nigeria goes beyond rhetoric. It signifies a meaningful contribution to the well-being of young people who have endured immense trauma. Their efforts have raised awareness and initiated concrete steps toward a supportive mental health environment in Nigeria, offering these young people the tools they need to build a brighter future.

Okike Offia
Author & Leadership Coach

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